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Mühendislik Mimarlık Fakültesi - Bolumler Muhendislik

Production systems are formed through coalescing of several functions in line with certain aims. The most basic objective of these systems is to produce usable product or service. These productions can be products of automobile, computer, textile, electronic, furniture etc. as well as services of health or communication, retail or storing, education, tourism, logistic, organization services etc. Even though the systems produce different products, their aims are similar: to produce products and services and offer them to the use of people. Many of these systems include functions such as sale, marketing, supply, storage, planning, production, transportation, control and so on. In addition, almost all of them include many different sources like work power, information, material, machine, technology and capital in order to operate the functions stated above. To compete in the market and offer high quality products to the customers with reasonable prices can only be possible through management of the sources in most optimum ways.

Industrial engineers are the professionals who design the systems in most effective ways and plan the essentials sources and manage them for these systems. “Industrial Engineers” are entitled to do everything in the best way. They plan things in the most qualified, the most productive, the cheapest and the fastest…