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Mühendislik Mimarlık Fakültesi - Bolummisyonvizyon Muhendislik


Our vision is to be an outstanding department which makes original researches in international level in Electrical & Electronics engineering field, educates well-qualified electronics engineers by applying its ever-developing education system, contributes to social development by scientific and technical services that it produces and evokes respect by its qualifications.


Our mission is, to educate engineers who, in solving an engineering problem, undertake an active role in various stages of system design process that can be achieved by interdisciplinary cooperation, have the capability to verify the mathematics, science and engineering knowledge they gained throughout their education in experimental and application basis in public and private sector organizations, R&D departments in particular, with lifelong learning philosophy, keep abreast of scientific and technological improvements in Electrical & Electronics Engineering field and have the mission to reflect these improvements to their organization by considering the interests of the society, the manhood and professional ethics and to educate researching graduates who, are capable of working in national and international universities and research institutions, have the skills to use written, verbal and basic information and communication technologies in order for efficient communication.