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Course unit title Level of course unit Course unit code Type of course unit L+R C ECTS
Data Structures and Algorithms BIM-203 Compulsory 3 3 6

Description of course unit

Prerequisites and course requisities BM-104
Language of instruction Turkish
Teaching assitant(s)
Mode of delivery Face to face
Course objective To understand data models and their algorithms using them
Course description Recurison, sort algorithms, search algorithms, simplex and duples linked links, linked list applications, stacks, use of stacks and their design, queues, use of queues and their design, tree types and operations on trees, design and use of graphs, state machine

Course contents

1- Basic Concepts of Computer Software
2- Basic Data Structures, Described Data Structures, Data Models
3- Program Running Speed, Memory Requirement
4- Recursions
5- Sorting Algorithms
6- Searching Algorithms
7- Linked Lists
8- Stack
9- Queue
10- Tree Data Model
11- Tree Applications
12- Graph Data Model
13- Graph Algorithms
14- State Machines

Learning outcomes of the course unit

1- analysing recursion
2- analysing sorting algorithms
3- analysing searching algorithms
4- use/design linked list data models
5- Use/design Stack and queue structure models
6- use/design tree data models
7- analysing graphs and their basics.
8- use/design state machines