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Mühendislik Mimarlık Fakültesi - Bolumderslericerik Muhendislik
Course unit title Level of course unit Course unit code Type of course unit L+R C ECTS
History of Atatürk Principles and Revolution I AIT-351 Compulsory 5 2 2

Description of course unit

Prerequisites and course requisities -
Language of instruction Turkish
Teaching assitant(s)
Mode of delivery Distance Education
Course objective Ataturk s principles and reforms carried out a reputation for students transferring
Course description Definition of revolution and the Turkish Revolution, the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, the National Struggle Period, the Period of National Struggle wars, congresses, relations and agreements with foreign statesa and the Lausanne Peace Treaty are explored.

Course contents

1- Revolution and the concepts related with revolution
2- The factors preparing for the Turkish revolution
3- The fall of the Ottoman Empire
4- The First World War
5- The Political developments during the First World War
6- The Preparation stage of the National Struggle
7- Mid-term exam
8- The period of National Struggle
9- The opening of the Great Assembly
10- Political and military developments
11- Lausanne Peace Treaty
12- The importance and the results of the Lausanne Peace Treaty
13- Turkish revolutionary movements
14- Turkish revolutionary movements

Learning outcomes of the course unit

1- The student can define the concept of revolution.
2- The student can evaluate the National Struggle in correct terms.
3- He/she can understand the development process and the importance of the national sovereignty.
4- He/she can identify the characteristics and the priorities of Turkish Nation
5- He/she can comment on the problems that the World faces today.
6- He/she can assess our culture from a historical perspective.