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Mühendislik Mimarlık Fakültesi - Bolumderslericerik Muhendislik
Course unit title Level of course unit Course unit code Type of course unit L+R C ECTS
History of Atatürk Principles and Revolution II AIT-352 Compulsory 6 2 2

Description of course unit

Prerequisites and course requisities -
Language of instruction Turkish
Teaching assitant(s)
Mode of delivery Distance Education
Course objective This course aims to enable the student to explain the reasons preparing for the Turkish Reform (Türk İnkılâbı), why the Ottoman Empire collapsed, the wars that the Ottoman Empire lived (Tripoli, Balkan Wars and the First World War) and their results, the aim of the Turkish National Struggle as well as its scope and methods of action, the emergence of and the reasons behind the success of the Turkish National Struggle, the armistice and Lausanne Peace Agreement.
Course description The course covers the history of the Republic of Turkeys History from 1923 to the Second World War.

Course contents

1- Atatürk Principles and Revolution History lessons and the importance of the Objectives, Revolution and İnkılâpla Related concepts century. New movements in the Ottoman state.
2- The defeat of the Ottoman Empire, the internal and external reasons
3- United States ambitions on the Ottoman Empire and the application of the printing method, XIX
4- Tripoli, Balkan Wars and I. World War I, I. World War Atatürk
5- Armistice Armistice Agreement, in the face of the occupation of the country situation, the National Association of the National Association of Asset enemy
6- Mustafa Kemal to Samsun output
7- National Defense and the Congress through the first step to Organization, Circular Basin, Amasya Circular, Erzurum Congress, Sivas Congress
8- Kuva-yi Milli and Misak-ı Milli
9- T.B.M.M. Independence War and the opening of the Administration to address
10- Internal rebellion and the right to patrol in the country
11- The Entente States after the armistice on Mondros New Projects in Turkey, Paris, London, San Remo Conference of Sevres Treaty
12- The national struggle and facades of Sakarya
13- Sakarya Victory and The Great Raid
14- And the Lausanne Peace Treaty Mudanya armistice, Importance and Results

Learning outcomes of the course unit

1- Having completed the course successfully the student can explain the reforms in the fields of politics, economy, law, education and health.
2- He/ she can explain the main principles (Republicanism, Nationalism, Populism, Laicism, Statism, and Reformism) that the Turkish reform movement was based on.
3- He/ she can explain the complementary principles that the Turkish Reformist movement was based on.
4- He/she can express Turkish Foreign Policy during Ataturk period.
5- He/she can assess the National Struggle properly.
6- He/she understands the development and significance of national sovereignty.