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Mühendislik Mimarlık Fakültesi - Muhendislik
According to the foundation act number 2809, enacted on November 22, 2010 the faculty of engineering and architecture was founded as a faculty of Kafkas University. There are 9 deparments of our faculty. Bioengineering, mechanical engineering that are 2 of them began to education and training. The other 7 departments; Computer Engineering, Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Electrical&Electronics Engineering, Food Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Architecture newly founded and haven't got students yet. In order to start education and training for newly founded departmens, academic staff works are going on.
Student Programs and Scholarships
Dean's Message
  • Dear young people, the long and arduous one have neared the end of the college admission process. Which is the final step in front of you to choose the most exciting stage of this process, the most important part of both